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       Air transport is fast and safe. The punctual ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortening the delivery time, and has greatly promoted the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain. The major airlines have successively invested a large number of flights to collect the cake. However, air transportation has a higher cost relative to sea freight, and the time requirement is high. The sea-air transportation cost ratio is about 1:10.

          Air Shipping Eight elements of price:

           1. Name of the product (whether dangerous)
           2. Weight (involving charges), volume (size and size)
           3. Packaging (whether wooden box, with or without tray)
           4. Destination airport (whether basic)
           5. Request time (straight or not)
           6.Required flights (various flight services and price differences)
           7. Bill of Lading (Main and Sub-Order)
           8.Required transportation services (declaration method, agent documents, customs clearance, etc.)

        Air transport is divided into heavy goods and foam. 1CBM=167KG Compared with the actual weight, which is the maximum weight.

          Air freight structure
          There are many people who do air transportation. Do you know how the airline air freight rate is calculated? Briefly introduce, I hope to help everyone.

        Air freight price composition:

          1.Airfreight shipping (airline charge)
          2.Fuel sur charge Fuel surcharge (according to the airport, the price of the destination point is different, Hong Kong is now generally the first 4 or so, the previous 3.6, the highest last year 4.8, the price is adjusted by the airport, generally go to Asia is 2 )
          3. Security inspection fee (Hong Kong receives 1 piece / kg fixed fee)
          4.Airport operation fee (Hong Kong is HKD283/ticket, airport is responsible for shipping on board, etc.)
          5. Terminal fee: 1.72/kg When the goods are delivered to the dealer, the dealer is responsible for playing the board and other things, and finally handed over to the airport.)
          6. Aviation master bill: HKD15/bl is the cost of bill of lading---property certificate.
      The above is the composition of accounting fees for a large number of airlines, mainly Hong Kong airports. Because Hong Kong is a large free trade port, and Hong Kong Airport is the world's largest airport, with fewer restrictions, a wider range, and more cargo planes, there are 78 airlines. There are more than 100 flights per day, which can be preferred in the case of guaranteed cabin and service. However, the cost is generally about 2 blocks higher than the domestic one!
          Common air transport nouns:
          ATA/ATD (Actual Time of Arrival / Actual Time of Departure)
          Abbreviation for actual arrival/departure time.
          Air Waybill (AWB) (Air Waybill)
          A document issued by the shipper or in the name of the shipper is proof of the carriage of the goods between the shipper and the carrier.
          Unaccompanied Baggage (Baggage, Unaccompanied)
          Baggage that is not checked with you and is checked by consignment.
          Bonded Warehouse
          In such warehouses, or things can be stored without a deadline without the need to pay import duties.
          Bulk Cargo
          Unloaded goods that are not loaded with pallets and loaded into the container.
          CAO (Cargo for Freighter Only)
          Abbreviation for "Cargo Only", which means that it can only be carried by a freighter.
          To the shipping fee (Charges Collect)
          The charges charged to the consignee are listed on the air waybill.
          Prepaid freight (Charges Prepaid)
          List the charges paid by the shipper on the air waybill.
         Chargeable Weight
          is used to calculate the weight of air freight. The billable weight can be a volumetric weight, or the total weight of the load minus the weight of the vehicle when the cargo is loaded into the vehicle.
          CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freightage)
          Refers to “cost, insurance, and freight”, which is C&F plus insurance that the seller purchases for damages and damages. The seller must sign a contract with the insurer and pay the premium.
          Consignee (Consignee)
          The person whose name is listed on the air waybill and receives the goods carried by the carrier.
          The carrier receives one or more pieces of the shipper at a time and place and ships it to a destination on a single air waybill.
          Shipper (Consignor)
          is equivalent to the shipper.
          Consolidated Consignment
          A shipment of goods consigned by two or more consignors, each consignee has signed an air transport contract with the consignment agent.
          A person or institution that aggregates goods into consignments.
          COSAC (Community Systems for Air Cargo)
          Abbreviation for "high-sense" computer system. Is the information and central logistics management computer system of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.
          Government agencies responsible for collecting import and export tariffs, prohibiting smuggling and narcotics trading and abuse (referred to as Hong Kong Customs in Hong Kong)
          Customs Code
          A code for a shipment of goods by the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) to indicate the customs clearance result or what kind of customs clearance action the cargo station operator/consignee is required to take.
          Customs Clearance
          Customs procedures that must be completed for the carriage or withdrawal of goods at the place of origin, transit and at the destination.
          Dangerous Goods
          Dangerous goods are items or substances that may pose a significant threat to health, safety or property when transported by air.
          Declared Value for Carriage
          The value of the goods declared by the shipper to the carrier is intended to determine the freight or set the carrier’s liability for loss, damage or delay.
          Declared Value for Customs
          Applicable to the value of the goods declared to the customs for the purpose of approving the tariff amount.
          The fee paid by the carrier to the agent or other carrier and then charged by the final carrier to the consignee. These fees are usually collected for the payment of freight and miscellaneous fees paid by the agent or other carrier for the shipment of the goods.
          EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transportation)
          is an abbreviation for “Management, Commercial and Transportation Electronic Data Exchange”. EDIFACT is an international standard for message syntax for electronic data interchange.
          Embargo (Embargo)
          Refers to the carrier's refusal to ship any goods, any type or grade of goods to and from any region or location on any route or part of its route or transit.
          ETA/ETD (Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimated Time of Departure)
          Abbreviation for estimated arrival/departure time.
          Export License
          A government permit file that allows a licensee (shipper) to export a designated item to a specific destination.
          FIATA (Federation Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilées)
          FIATA Licensee - Licensed to issue FIATA documents in Hong Kong [FIATA Bill of Lading (FBL) as Shipper and Shipping Agent Receiving Certificate (FCR)] [FIATA Bill of Lading (FBL) as Carrier Member of & Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR)]. Guaranteed by freight forwarder liability insurance (minimum liability limit: US$250,000).
          FOB (Free on Board)
          Under the conditions of "delivery on board", the goods are loaded by the seller at the port of shipment specified in the contract of sale. The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the buyer when the goods pass the ship's rail (ie, after leaving the terminal and placed on board the ship), and the loading and unloading fee is paid by the seller.
          FOB Airport
          This term is similar to the general FOB term. After the seller delivers the goods to the air carrier at the departure airport, the risk of loss is transferred from the seller to the buyer.
          Freight Forwarder (Forwarder)
          Proxy services (such as receiving, transshipment, or delivery) to ensure and assist the agent or company that transports the goods.
          Gross Weight
          The total weight of the shipment, including the weight of the container and packaging materials.
          HAFFA (Hong Kong Air Freight Forwarding Association)
          The abbreviation of Hong Kong Cargo Industry Association Limited (HAFFA), founded in 1966, is a non-profit organization that promotes, secures and develops Hong Kong's cargo transportation industry.
          Freight Forwarder Air Waybill (ie: Freight Forwarding Order) (HAWB) (House Air Waybill)
          This document includes a single piece of the assembled goods, issued by the consignment collector and includes instructions to the demolition agent.
          IATA (International Air Transport Association)
          Abbreviation for International Air Transport Association. IATA is an organization of the air transport industry that serves airlines, passengers, cargo owners, travel service agents and the government. The association aims to promote air transport safety and standardization (baggage inspection, airfare, weight list) and assist in the verification of international air freight charges. IATA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
          Import License (Import Licence)
          Government license documents permitting the licensee (consignee) to import the designated goods.
          Marks (Marks)
          The mark on the package of goods is used to identify the goods or to indicate the owner's information.
          Airline bill of lading (Master Air Waybill)
          This is an air waybill that includes a collection of goods, which are listed as consignors.
          Neutral Air Waybill
          A standard air waybill with no carrier specified.
          Perishable Cargo
          Perishable goods for a specified period of time or under adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions.
          Prepacked Cargo
          The goods that have been packed by the shipper in the vehicle before being submitted to the operator of the station.
          Receipt Checklist List
          Documents issued by the operator of the freight station when receiving the shipper’s goods.
          Regulated Agent Regime
          is the government's system for conducting security checks on all airfreight agents.
          Shipment Release Form
          A document issued by the carrier to the consignee to extract the goods from the operator of the freight station.
          The person or company designated to ship to the consignee as specified in the contract of carriage of the goods.
         Shippers Certificate for live animals/dangerous goods
          Shipper's Statement - Declaring that its goods have been properly packaged and accurately described in accordance with IATA's latest version of the rules and all carrier rules and government regulations, making it suitable for air transportation.
          Shippers Letter of Instruction (Ship />)     A document that includes the shipper’s or shipper’s agent’s instructions for preparing documents and shipping the goods.
          STA/STD (Schedule Time of Arrival / Schedule Time of Departure)
          Abbreviation for estimated arrival/departure time
          TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff)
          Abbreviation for "Air Freight Rates" published by the International Air Transport Press (IAP) in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
          Shipping Table (Tariff)
          The price, charge and/or conditions for the carrier to ship the goods. Shipping schedules vary by country, cargo weight and/or carrier.
          Vehicle Loader (Unit Load Device)
          Any type of container or pallet used to transport goods.
          Valuable Cargo
          Goods declared to have an average gross weight of 1,000 US dollars per kilogram or more, such as gold and diamonds.
          Declaring Value Surcharge (Valuation Charge)
          Charges for the carriage of goods based on the value of the goods declared at the time of shipment.
          Vulnerable Cargo that is vulnerable or stolen
          Goods that do not claim value but are clearly subject to care, or goods that are particularly vulnerable to theft.

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